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Enhance your child's learning and focusing skills by enrolling them with Chess Mentors. We teach chess lessons in schools across Tucson, Arizona to help students develop skills that are crucial in life. Not only will these skills assist them in the game, but they are also beneficial in other areas of their life.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us to get started today! Private lessons are also available.

Don’t Let Your Child Be Ordinary; 

Help Them Become Extraordinary!

Did you know that playing chess improves the following skills:

  • Decision Making

  • Team Building

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Concentration

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Logic

  • Self-Confidence

  • History

  • Leadership Skills

  • Creativity

  • Geography

  • Cultural Awareness


Semester Curriculum Outline

With this course curriculum, Chess Mentors incorporates both the fun of learning the royal game of chess with teaching life and learning skills. Chess Mentors believes in opening the minds of children by providing the opportunities for students to learn these skills through experiencing chess as an art, a science, and a sport.

Week 1: Basic Rules of Chess (Pattern Recognition)

Week 2: Four Simple Checkmates (Team Building)

Week 3: Three Jobs for All Pieces and Best Moves (Decision Making)

Week 4: Strategy—The Opening (Creativity and Logic)

Week 5: Writing Notation and En Passant (Pattern Recognition)

Week 6: Double Five—Pure fun! (Team Building)

Week 7: Tactics—Pins and Skewers (Concentration)

Week 8: Tactics—Double Attacks and Forks (Self Confidence)

Week 9: Promoting a Pawn and Pawn Storm (History, Cultures)

Week 10: Tactics—Discovery (Leadership Skills)

Week 11: Tactics—Windmills and X-Ray (Geography)

Week 12: Strategy—Drop Chess (Pattern Recognition, Geography)

Week 13: Tactics—Removing the Defender (Life Skills)

Week 14: Tactics—Decoy (Self Confidence)

Week 15: Learned Skills Review (Check List)

Week 16: LAST DAY, FREE PLAY (Leadership Skills)

*Private Lessons are also available at $ 35.00 an hour to provide individual support for struggling and advanced students.

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